WRAL-FM Makes Wishes Come True

WRAL-FM Makes Wishes Come True

WRAL-FM has been working hard to make sure some Triangle families have a merrier Christmas than they might otherwise have had. The Capitol Broadcasting radio station created Christmas Wish to help brighten this holiday season for the less fortunate, as it has done many seasons previously.

For several weeks during December, MIX 101.5 requested its listeners to tell them about families who could use some help during this time of year. MIX said, “It could be help with a heating bill payment, some new clothes for the children, a special toy…whatever it might be, maybe we can help.” Listeners could submit their Christmas Wish online or via mail. Names of the families were kept anonymous.

MIX granted twenty wishes this year. Wishes covered a variety of things. One wish came from a woman named Valerie who lives in an area homeless shelter. She wanted to give the women in her shelter the spirit of Christmas by having videos of holiday movies such as “Miracle on 34th Street” for them to see. She also wanted each woman to receive a personal gift on Christmas morning. Valerie appreciated the generosity of the community in giving them essential items but wanted each woman to have something personal and unexpected, such as a pair of earrings or a favorite music cassette. Nicci O’Hara of the WRAL-FM’s Late Afternoon Show called Valerie and granted her wish on the air. MIX gave her gift certificates from South Square Mall with which to purchase the videos and gifts, and also gave the shelter a Christmas tree and decorations from Family Home Garden.

Just listening to wishes being granted on the air made the spirit of the season come alive. MIX granted the wishes up through December 22. MIX 101.5 then delivered the gifts to the family before Christmas.

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