WILM Receives Red Cross Recognition

WILM Receives Red Cross Recognition

WILM-TV received recognition from the American Red Cross for their support during the National AED Training Day on June 9th, 2001.

“As an official training site, you have helped to make the Cape Fear region a safer place to live, work and play!” wrote Susan E. Murphy, Director of Health and Safety of the Cape Fear Chapter of the American Red Cross.

WILM allowed the local American Red Cross chapter to use its conference room and provided a satellite video feed, fed into the conference room, to train future CPR/AED instructors. “We are glad we could help. We are committed to assisting the community in any way we can” said Constance Henley Knox, Station Manager at WILM-TV.

Thanks to WILM-TV Station Manager Connie Knox for this capcom story.

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