Dan Wilkinson Receives FFA Award

WRAL-TV Reporter Honored By NC FFA

The North Carolina FFA bestowed WRAL-TV Reporter Dan Wilkinson with an “Honorary State FFA Degree” on Tuesday, June 12th during the NC FFA State Convention.

WRAL-TV’s Dan Wilkinson

The Honorary FFA Degree recognizes supporters of the NC FFA organization. Wilkinson has judged competition events for four years and has broadcast live from their state meeting for the Noon News every year for the past five. The NC FFA recognized him for his contributions to the group and for his dedication for young people.

“I am extremely honored to be recognized by this group,” Wilkinson said. “It is always so refreshing

to work with the young leaders of FFA and to see the distinctive blue jackets come to Raleigh for their Annual meeting.”

Wilkinson continued, “It is very easy to become discouraged about the young people of today while watching the all too often tragedies in our communities, but to meet these young people and see their dedication to responsibility and integrity gives me great optimism about the future.”
Wilkinson received an honorary degree from the NC FFA.

The FFA was founded in 1920 in Blacksburg, Virginia, and now has nearly a half a million members in over seven thousand chapters across the nation. In 1988, the name was changed from the “Future Farmers of America” to simply the “National FFA Organization” to better recognize the growth in the science and business career fields many members were following. The group’s mission is to develop young leaders, promote personal growth and career success.

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