FOX 50 Rates High With World Series

FOX 50 Rates High With World Series

FOX50 hit a home run with the final heart-stopping game of the 2001 World Series. The Diamondbacks’ clinch win over the Yankees brought in a 16.8/24 HH Rtg/Shr for FOX50 and ranked as the #1 program in the Raleigh-Durham market for the evening. Game 7 was the highest-rated baseball game ever to air on FOX 50, the highest-rated program on FOX 50 this year, and the 7th highest-rated program ever to air on FOX 50.

Across the country, FOX stations averaged 39.1 million viewers for Game 7, with 72 million viewers watching at least part of the game. In 2001, only the viewers for the Super Bowl, the Survivor premiere immediately following the Super Bowl, and the Academy Awards surpassed this audience. The deciding game between Arizona and New York was the most-watched Major League Baseball game in ten years, when the Minnesota Twins took on the Atlanta Braves in Game 7 of the 1991 Series.

FOX50’s Top Seven Program Ratings:
#1 32.5/45 1/31/99 Superbowl 33
#2 20.3/26 1/23/00 NFC Championship
#3 20.2/37 1/17/99 NFC Championship
#4 20.0/30 1/3/99 NFC Wildcard Game
#5 19.8/28 1/31/99 Superbowl Post-game show
#6 17.5/28 1/10/99 NFL Playoffs
#7 16.8/24 11/4/2001 World Series Game 7

The World Series exceeded FOX 50’s estimates, surpassing the estimated 10.5/16 HH Rtg/Shr, based on last year’s series, with an 11.1/17 average for the seven games in the Raleigh-Durham market.

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