Several CBC Employees Receive Honors in the Raleigh MetroMagazine’s “MetroBravo Awards

Mix 101.5 logoWRAL-TV 5 logo Several CBC Employees Receive Honors in the Raleigh MetroMagazine’s “MetroBravo Awards”

Metro Magazine June Employees from WRAL-TV5 and MIX 101.5 won honors in the sixth annual “MetroBravo Awards” conducted by the Raleigh Metro Magazine. These awards are listed in the June 2005 issue, which take place in two parts. The first round of winners (in this month’s issue) are in the categories of retail, home life, healthcare, media and travel and are based solely on readers’ votes.

For each category, there are three winners: the Standing Ovation, MetroBravo and Honorable Mention. Here’s how CBC employees faired.

Regional TV Personality
Standing Ovation: David Crabtree
MetroBravo: Pam Saulsby
Honorable Mention: Bill Leslie

Weather Personality
Standing Ovation: Greg Fishel (see below story)
Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Gardner

“With antics such as ‘Fish in the Pond,’ WRAL-TV5’s Meteorologist Greg Fishel gambled his way into viewer’s hearts. Fishel’s February plunge in the news station’s fountain was the result of a bad bet. In a bold move, Fishel predicted measurable snow or ice at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport before the end of February or he would take a dip in the 37- degree fountain. February passed without wintry precipitation, and on February 28, viewers found Fishel, dressed in Hawaiian garb and a straw hat, splashing around in the fountain. Votes poured in as a result of his entertaining forecasts, and readers honored Greg Fishel with a Standing Ovation award.” – courtesy of Raleigh Metro Magazine

Radio Personality
Honorable Mention: Sheri Logan
* She was the only local winner. The other two were both syndicated programs.

Congratulations to all of the winners for capturing the heart and fascination of Raleigh! Look for the July issue which will feature winners in the categories of drinks, best indulgences, favorite automobiles, places to visit and best events.

Thanks to WRAL-FM’s Paige Ellis for this capcom story.

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