Sex, Lies and Education

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Sex, Lies and Education
If you aren’t talking to your kids about sex, who is?

New WRAL special examines what kids know about sex, teen pregnancy…and how they get their information

Airs Thursday, May 25th at 7pm

Where do most teenagers learn about sex? Seventy-four percent of North Carolina high school seniors report having sexual intercourse at least once. Every day in North Carolina, 51 girls become pregnant. Sex, Lies and Education is a new half-hour WRAL special that examines what teens know about the subject, how they get their information, and ways parents can talk to their teenagers. WRAL News anchor Debra Morgan hosts the special airing on WRAL Thursday, May 25 at 7pm.

“Teen pregnancy has some type of impact on every citizen of North Carolina,” says John Harris, Director of Programming at WRAL-TV. “WRAL’s goal with this special program is to separate fact from fiction and focus viewers on the realities of the problem in our state.”

In Sex, Lies and Education, we meet a teen mother struggling to balance school, work, parenthood, and also reaching out to other girls to keep them from becoming teen parent statistics. Then, we meet a teen father determined not to be a ‘deadbeat dad.’ We also listen in on a frank discussion by a group of teenagers as they discuss growing up in a ‘sex-obsessed society,’ myths they hear from their peers, and what parents and teachers have taught them about sex and teen pregnancy prevention.

“When young people are given the tools and guidance, more than likely, you will see them make a more responsible choice,” says Kay Phillips, Executive Director of Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Coalition of NC.  “Education is like armor.  It is everyone’s desire to see our youth experience a healthy lifestyle, but to do this, we must educate them!”

The special is one part of a weeklong initiative focused on teen pregnancy prevention. In addition to the special, the campaign will include news stories, PSAs, online resources on, and a segment on WRAL’s Headline Saturday to air Saturday, May 27th at 7:30pm.

Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Phyllis Parish for this capcom story.

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