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MIX Scores Big

The Spring 2008 Arbitron Ratings results have arrived. One tenth of a share is all that separates MIX 101.5 from the top spot in the just-released spring ratings. But the headliner? MIX became the #1 station with Women 25-54 in all major day parts.

Spring 2008 Ratings
MIX 101.5 scored the top spot with:
Women 25-54
– AM Drive
– Midday
– PM Drive
– Nights
Monday Through Friday
Even more amazing is the fact that Bill & Sheri, Diane Ramsey, and Jim Kelly scored double-digit shares with Women including a 16.4 Midday (10a-3p).615.415.8
See the Spring 2008 rankers and trends here (pdf 23kb).

“I can’t tell you how proud I am of our entire staff on the wonderful job they have done over the past year,” says Program Director Barry Fox. “We deliver consistently great ratings and quality results for our customers.”

In Persons 25-54, WRAL-FM is ranked second, and is #1 with women ages 25-54 overall. Bill & Sheri (6-10 am), Diane Ramsey (10am-3pm), Jim Kelly (3pm-7pm), and Delilah (7pm-midnight) are all ranked #1 with women ages 25-54.

“Capitol Broadcasting’s commitment to a winning product allows us to have all the necessary tools to succeed in an extremely competitive situation,” Fox added.

Congratulations to the entire MIX staff for their outstanding results.

Thanks to WRAL-FM’s Luanne Tart for this capcom story & graphic.


POSTED: August 13, 2008

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