Four CBC’ers Complete Leadership Triangle Fall Program

Jim Goodmon & Brian Bisges
Corp’s Jim Goodmon (left) congratulates FOX 50’s Brian Bisges for becoming a Goodmon Fellow through Leadership Triangle.
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Four more CBC employees became Goodmon Fellows at the Leadership Triangle fall graduation luncheon on Thursday, December 2, 2010.    FOX 50 Sales Promotion Coordinator Brian Bisges, FOX 50 Designer/Producer Justin Owen, American Tobacco VP of Real Estate Michael Goodmon & Corporate Benefits Administrator Van Williams all completed the Personal Leadership Program.

Bisges, Williams & Owen were on hand to celebrate and receive their diplomas from CBC President & CEO Jim Goodmon, Chair Emeritus of the organization.  Michael Goodmon had to use his leadership skills at home that morning, with a sick baby.

Jim Goodmon
CBC President & CEO Jim Goodmon challenges the new graduates to define themselves by what they support.
Justin Owen
FOX 50’s Justin Owen (center) receives his diploma from Corp’s Jim Goodmon (right) & Leadership Triangle’s David Reese.

Jim Goodmon spoke to the group, praising them for completing the personal leadership training which they worked on in small coaching teams.  The group at large also heard from various Triangle leaders at each bi-monthly session. 

“The most important thing you do each day is decide what you are going to spend your time on,” Goodmon told the group.  “We’re going to make the main thing, the main thing.”

He challenged the group to “be curious” and “have standards.”  And he emphasized, “Really work hard at defining yourself by what you are for.  Most people now are defining themselves by, and getting elected, by what they are opposed to.  It’s easy to get mad about everything.  Be positive.”

Here’s what some of the CBC graduates had to say about their Leadership Triangle experience:

Van Williams, Paul Pope & Peter Anlyan
Corp’s Van Williams (l to r) receives congratulations from CBC retiree Paul Pope & former Durham Bulls GM Peter Anlyan.

Corporate Benefits Administrator Van Williams
This experience was very rewarding. The training has afforded me the opportunity to step outside of my comfort zones that will hopefully lead to a greater personal and professional development. A very special Thank You to Mr. Goodmon for providing this gateway of possibilities to those within this community.

FOX 50 Sales Promotion Coordinator Brian Bisges
I highly recommend Leadership Development, and not just for managers and supervisors but for anyone looking to grow their leadership skills professionally and/or on a personal level.  The program encourages you to reflect on what makes you unique, what your core values are and how to employ those principles daily to be a better leader.

Applications for the 2011 Leadership Triangle Regional Class series are due by January 17, 2011. Find out more information at



Leadership Triangle Fall Graduation

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