More on WRAL’s Google Glass Experiment

James Ford & Steve Loyd

WRAL Director of News Operations James Ford and Lead Designer Steve Loyd work on presentation.

We reported last week on WRAL-TV’s latest experiment, broadcasting the morning news program with four different staffers wearing Google Glass during the week of February 11-14, 2014. WRAL kept the feature going even as the winter storm many dubbed Snowmageddon hit the Triangle and the station broadcast news live for 32.5 out of 38 hours straight.

WRAL-TV Creative Director Shelly Leslie put together a blog entry to share a behind-the-scenes look at how the idea for the Google Glass experiment on WRAL-TV came about and then how it all came together:

CBC New Media Business & Technology Manager Rick Smith also penned an entry about the WRAL-Google Glass broadcasts in his WRAL Local Tech Wire blog:

Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Shelly Leslie for this capcom photo.

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