Vanna Fox Dances to Help Children with Disabilities

Vanna Fox & Mark Ballas

Here’s what Vanna Fox’s co-worker Lynda Loveland had to say: “Vanna enjoyed dancing with DWTS’ Mark Ballas so much she’s going to compete in a local version, Dancing Like the Stars! It benefits the National Inclusion Project and will be held during the Southern Women’s Show. Your donation can help her win! She has really small feet so she could use the help.”

WRAL-FM Traffic Supervisor/Asst Morning Show Producer Vanna Fox will be directing traffic on the dance floor later this month in honor of the son of one of her close MIX 101.5 colleagues.  Fox is the latest CBC celebrity to compete in the local Dancing Like the Stars, and when she puts on her heels on Saturday, April 26th, she’ll be twirling her toes to raise funds and awareness for the National Inclusion Project.

The dancing competition will take place during the Southern Women’s Show on the NC State Fairgrounds in Raleigh on Saturday, April 26th at 4pm.  Fox will take on four other competitors.  The non-prof dancers are all paired with Arthur Murray dance instructors to learn and perfect their dance.

The winners are determined by donations.  For every dollar donated in Fox’s name, she will get one vote.  All donations will support the National Inclusion Project.

The National Inclusion Project serves to bridge the gap that exists between young people with disabilities and the world around them. The organization partners with communities and inclusive programs creating awareness about the possibilities that inclusion can bring.

That’s where Fox’s dedication to Aiden comes from.  Aiden, the son of her MIX 101.5 co-worker Jim Kelly and his wife, Tara, has cerebral palsy.

“I love this kid to the moon and back,” said Fox of Aiden.  “For him and many others, I am spending a few hours learning a dance to perform at Dancing Like the Stars.  If you love a child who longs to have the same chances as his friends, it’s easy to help.”

  • Cast your vote for Fox and help her show her love to Aiden here.

“I met Aiden when he was just a few hours old….his first visitor, and the nurse thought I was his grandmother,” explained Fox.  “I was working afternoon drive with Jim then, and watched the daily, sometimes hourly struggle Jim & Tara went through. Aiden & Olivia were in the hospital that Christmas so Jim & Tara had Christmas dinner at my house before going back to be with their babies, a turning point Christmas for me, sending me searching deeper for ways to help the little ones. I will never forget the day that brought Aiden’s disability…I remember thinking that there was no way I would ever be as strong as Jim & Tara. Their love for each other and their kids is the reason Aiden is thriving. But he can’t do everything along side his sisters….and he wants to. That’s the mission of the National Inclusion Project….to help communities provide camps, playgrounds, etc, where Aiden can be just another kid. While Aiden’s health and well being are of vital importance, if doing this little dance thing brings a moment of true joy to a little soul like his….why wouldn’t I?”

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