WRAL Hosts Visitors from Germany

WRAL-TV has been designated as one of the top local news broadcasting organizations in the country and that fact hasn’t been overlooked by national industry watchers, especially those whose mission seeks to foster international culture exchanges. Another organization recently reached out to WRAL-TV on behalf of a group of German journalists.

German journalists visit WRAL-TV

WRAL-TV’s Steve Hammel, John Conway & David Crabtree talk with visiting German journalists.

Over the years International Focus has arranged tours, and briefings in conjunction with our Department of State for up & coming foreign business leaders. International Focus’ Greg Sutton connected with WRAL-TV Vice President & General Manager Steve Hammel who, in consultation with News Director Rick Gall, agreed to the visit.  The pair has welcomed many foreign groups many times in the past.

Recently WRAL hosted the six journalists from Germany through the international visitors program, and some of us brushed up on our German language skills in preparation.   “Herzlich Wilkommen am WRAL. Journalisten der Internationalen Besucher Fuhrung Programm” was how I personally greeted the visitors. In a matter of moments, it was clear that my German was horrible and based on the excellent English skills they all exhibited, so was my English. By the way, what I unartfully stated was “Welcome to WRAL-TV, journalists of the International Visitors Leadership Program.”

The station was ably represented by Steve Hammel, WRAL.com General Manager John Conway and WRAL-TV Anchor David Crabtree for ninety minutes of thoughtful and engaging questions that only journalists can pose.  As usual, our folks were more that up to the task. The journalists had a particular interest in our website’s cutting-edge development and operation. They were treated to what I refer to as a “Master’s Class” in broadcasting and journalism!  Mr. Bogdan Banu, who was assigned to guide the group around the country, wrote back to say how they enjoyed the exchange.

“The visitors very much enjoyed the visit, all the information they got and most importantly they appreciated the very warm welcome,” he said.

He also provided us with an array of pictures that documents the visit.

By the way, although they were very impressed with the advance technology and the multi-platform news gathering, one particular observation seem to fascinate them. They noticed quite a few employees walking about with rather colorful casual shirts. When it was explained to them, they pledged to start their own “Hawaiian Shirt Fridays” in their newsrooms.

Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Clarence Williams for this capcom story & to Mr. Bogan Banu- Program Officer with Meridian International/Guide for the Dept. of State for these capcom photos.

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