FOX 50 Receives National Award from the Partnership for a Drug Free NC

Partnership for a Drug Free NC's Steve Kline (right) presents a national award to FOX 50's Doug Dickman, Robin Lindner, Michelle Garrett (l to r), Joanne Stanley, & Matt Donegan.

Partnership for a Drug Free NC’s Steve Kline (right) presents a national award to FOX 50’s Doug Dickman, Robin Lindner, Michelle Garrett (l to r), Joanne Stanley, & Matt Donegan.

FOX 50 received the Partnership for a Drug Free NC’s 2013 Award for Excellence for being a top media station in the country running messages promoting drug awareness and prevention.  This is the 9th time that FOX 50 has received this award which is presented to the top 5% of stations nationwide.   Robin Lindner, Steve Kline and Peter Agiovlassitis were in Raleigh to present the station with the award on Tuesday.

“FOX 50 has been a superior media partner for nearly a decade, which puts them among the most dedicated and passionate supporters in the country,” added Lindner.

FOX 50 Program Director Joanne Stanley gives the partnership a high level of credibility with both the message they promote and the quality of their PSA spots.  She states, “With myriad new spots to choose from each year, WRAZ has been able to continue fresh year round campaigns that support the drug-free initiative with maximum impact.”

Another emphasis for the partnership is cause-related marketing.  FOX 50 Director of Sales Matt Donegan and FOX 50 Director of Local & New Media Sales Niel Sollod both strongly encourage the FOX50 sales team to work on many different cause-related initiatives, including prescription drug abuse awareness.

“The various initiatives that my sales team executed, not only taps into new revenue streams, but serves our local community.  We are proud of all the campaigns, including our partnership with Drug Free NC,” says Donegan.

The partnership offers great ideas in how to extend a business’s brand by raising awareness of local issues pertaining to many facets of drug abuse prevention.

A recent campaign led by FOX 50 Account Executive Doug Dickman helped support a local physician practice, Carolina Back Institute.  FOX 50 orchestrated a campaign to encourage people to be responsible with their prescription medications and encourage safe disposal.    FOX 50 Account Executive Michelle Garrett works closely with the partnership on both creative ideas for her local clients and serves as a liaison for the station.

FOX 50 and Capitol Broadcasting remain committed to serving the local community and is proud to accept this award.  To view the local production promoting a prescription drug take back event in Cary and the nationally produced awareness spot, see video below.

Carolina Back Institute & Cary Police Department

National creative provided by Drug Free NC

Thanks to FOX 50’s Doug Dickman for this capcom story & photo.  Thanks to FOX 50’s Marc Derro for this capcom video.

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