WRAL-TV Staffers, Lip Sync and a BIGG Idea

2015 BIGG Gala

WRAL-TV’s Monica Laliberte (l to r), Chad Flowers, Debra Morgan and Sloane Heffernan enjoy Chris Rosati’s BIGG Gala at American Tobacco’s Bay 7 on Saturday, November 21, 2015.

What do Sandy and Danny, Kenny and Dolly have in common with two WRAL staffers?  Lip sync and a BIGG idea and the amazing Chris Rosati.

WRAL-TV Anchor/Reporter Sloane Heffernan and WRAL-TV News Photographer Chad Flowers agreed to participate in a lip sync battle to help Rosati raise funds for his BIGG Gala on Saturday, November 21, 2015, at American Tobacco’s Bay 7.  WRAL-TV Anchor/Reporter Debra Morgan emceed the event, and WRAL-TV Five on Your Side Executive Producer Monica Laliberte came to support her co-workers and Rosati’s charity.

Heffernan kindly shared her BIGG experience with capcom:

I was lucky enough to become friends with Chris Rosati after covering the first story that we did on him following the “Krispy Kreme Heist”.

We meet countless people in this news business, but there are few people who have a lasting impact on your heart.

Chris Rosati and his wife Anna are two of those people.

They are a remarkable couple. 

Chris asked me to take part in his BIGG Gala (Big Ideas for the Greater Good). He started the charity after being diagnosed with ALS. He wants to inspire others to do good! He wants other people to feel the way he did while handed out those Krispy Kreme donuts.

Sloane Heffernan & Chad Flowers

WRAL-TV’s Sloane Heffernan and Chad Flowers lip sync their hearts out to a Dolly Parton/Kenny Rogers tune at Chris Rosati’s BIGG Gala on Saturday, November 21, 2015.

He asked me to compete in the lip-lync competition portion of the Gala. Who has a lip-sync competition at a black tie gala??? Chris Rosati, of course.

I didn’t want to let Chris down, so I recruited someone with a big heart and equally big personality -Chad Flowers – to make a fool out of himself with me on stage.

We were planning on choreographing our three minute routine when the terrorist attack happened in Paris. Chad was called to cover the attack. He returned with less than 48 hours to prepare. He could have backed out, but he worked through the jet-lag – practiced – shopped for a costume and ultimately, shined on stage for a great cause.

Heffernan and Flowers transformed into Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers for “We’ve Got Tonight” and then went “Grease” for “You’re the One That I Want.”

“Chris is one of those extraordinary people you feel honored to know,” said Morgan.  “He’s so passionate about helping children and you feel inspired just being around him.  I’m so fortunate he asked me to be the emcee because I had a front-row seat to an amazing night of laughter and hope.  The event raised a lot of money to continue his mission of using small grants to create a big impact – the butterfly effect!”

Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Sloane Heffernan & Debra Morgan for these capcom photos.


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