Winding Down in Rio: DBBC’s Kinas Finishes Olympic Announcing

DBBC Radio Announcer/Account Executive Patrick Kinas called a lot of history while at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.  He called the final Olympic swimming races, and wins, of legend Michael Phelps, as well as the record-breaking swims of Katie Ledecky.  After finishing up at the pool, Kinas moved on to call a variety of other sports, meeting many of the medalists and competitors that captured the news back home.

Here are the photos from his final few days in Rio.  Definitely one for the history books, and an experience he won’t soon forget:

SLIDESHOW:  Patrick Kinas Photos from Day 12 in Rio
A little change-up on Day 12, which brought me face-to-face with global superstars and Olympic champions on the track.



SLIDESHOW:  Patrick Kinas Photos from Day 12 in Rio
Day 13 complete – spent it covering one of the most remarkable upsets in US history that won’t get its just coverage, but the first female wrestling Olympic medal and it was won by a young woman who defeated the Muhammed Ali of the sport, a Japanese wrestler who has won the last 3 Olympic golds and 15 world championships. From there, covered basketball for the first time in Rio, with Team USA’s women taking out France to advance to the gold medal game for the sixth straight Games. They’ve won 48 consecutive Olympic match-ups and will play Spain for the Gold, a team the vanquished by 40 last week.


SLIDESHOW:  Patrick Kinas Photos from Day 14 in Rio
A little late, but here is Day 14 in a nutshell, culminating with a 2-minute one-on-one interview (and slightly blurry selfie) with the best sprinter and self-proclaimed Greatest Olympian of All-Time, Usain Bolt. Enjoy the homestretch.‪#‎WeAreAllExhausted



Thanks to DBBC’s Patrick Kinas for all of the Rio photos he’s allowed us to share on capcom over the past two weeks!

In case you missed any, here are all of the Capcom stories about Kinas and his time in Rio we’ve posted during his stay:

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