American Tobacco Launches New Holiday Project

American Tobacco Tiny Home ProjectAmerican Tobacco is partnering with Habitat for Humanity of Durham to make a difference this holiday season.  This brand new holiday endeavor for American Tobacco has a big goal – to fund an actual Habitat home, a tiny home at 504 square feet, by building a 4’ x 5’ x 6’ playhouse.

A total of 12 Tiny Playhouses will equal one Tiny Home.

Between now and November 1st, companies can donate $2,500 to Durham Habitat in exchange for a special teambuilding day for 16-18 employees.  Each group will construct, decorate and assemble a children’s playhouse.

Habitat and ATC encourage participants to be creative!  Showcase your brand and your team’s talent.

If you’re a small company, partner with another company to network and split the cost.

American Tobacco will display completed playhouses on Diamond View Park as part of its Winter Wonders holiday programming.  The playhouses will be auctioned with online bidding kicking off at the Tower Lighting.  Proceeds from the auction will help fund the tiny home.

Set up your playhouse build day with Jennifer at (919-247-8254)!

American Tobacco Tiny Home Project

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