CBC’s Jim Goodmon Featured on UNC-TV’s Biographical Conversations, Series Debuts January 7

CBC CEO & Board Chairman Jim Goodmon will be the subject of a 3-part Biographical Conversations series on UNC-TV beginning January 7, 2021.

CBC CEO & Board Chairman Jim Goodmon will be the latest subject of UNC-TV’s Biographical Conversations series.  The 3-part series about the Capitol Broadcasting leader debuts this week:

UNC-TV is excited to premiere the latest installment of its Biographical Conversations series.  Starting on January 7 at 10 PM, UNC-TV will premiere the first part of its three episode series Biographical Conversations with James Goodmon.  In the series, Mr. Goodmon reflects on his life and work in the broadcasting business, his drive for innovation and a commitment to philanthropy and service that’s revitalized communities.  In part one, Mr. Goodmon shares stories of his grandfather, AJ Fletcher, starting Capitol Broadcast Company and founding WRAL.   In part two, airing on January 14 at 10 PM, Mr. Goodmon reflects on his military service experience and tells of covering tragedy and meeting his wife, Barbara Lyons Goodmon.  Mr. Goodmon also discusses his career path from operations manager to president and CEO. In the final episode, airing on January 21 at 10 PM, Mr. Goodmon talks about the experience of being the first to market new technologies and the impact of being an innovative leader.  He also discusses efforts to revitalize Durham’s economy and redefine the Triangle region into a thriving technological center.

Biographical Conversations is an original production of UNC-TV and captures reminiscences of extraordinary North Carolinians whose impact and vision have earned them national prominence and places in history.


Thanks to UNC-TV for this Capcom scoop and photo.

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