CBC’ers Support Public Television, Volunteering for 2019 CBC/WRAL Night at UNC-TV

2019 CBC/WRAL Night at UNC-TV

CBC’ers pose for a group photo with UNC-TV’s ‘thank you’ cake at CBC/WRAL Night at UNC-TV’s Spring Fundraiser on Monday, March 11, 2019.

A dozen CBC’ers manned the phone bank to support public television on Monday, March 11, 2019.  Employees from CBC New Media and American Tobacco volunteered for the annual CBC/WRAL-TV Night at UNC-TV’s Spring Fundraiser as five WRAL Anchor/Reporters made pitches on-air to drum up pledges for the non-profit station.

UNC-TV Corporate Underwriting Specialist Jasmine Jones shared the great results of the evening.

“We are thrilled to report that the Capitol Broadcasting/WRAL team helped UNC-TV raise $48,286 during our SPRING ON-AIR FUNDRAISER 2019!” said Jones.  “It was a wonderful evening for public television in North Carolina—we couldn’t have done it without you.  Thanks for making the evening exciting, successful, and a lot of fun!”

From New Volunteers to Long-Time Attendees
NMG Account Manager Emily Cooper pitched in for the first time at the event.

“It was great to be surrounded by fellow CBC’ers bonding over doing good for our community and for public television,” she said.

The night afforded her a new, fun experience.

“I went into the evening not really knowing what to expect,” said Cooper.  “It was a blast! I was able to speak with viewers who absolutely love UNC-TV and Ben Owens and also have some bonding time with coworkers from all over CBC.”

NMG Digital Sales Manager Veronica Dyer was another first-timer.

“It was fun,” she said of the evening in the UNC-TV studios.  “We were pretty much ‘on’ all the time – answering incoming calls; and admiring the pottery when there were quiet times.”

2019 CBC/WRAL Night at UNC-TV

UNC-TV’s Shannon Vickery & UNC-TV’s Frank Graff (center) chats with potter Ben Owen in the studio during CBC/WRAL Night at UNC-TV’s Spring Fundraiser on Monday, March 11, 2019.

The pottery came from Seagrove potter Ben Owen.  ATC PR/Events Manager Valerie Ward, a veteran of the CBC-WRAL-UNC-TV joint event, explained.

“The feature programming for the evening was Pottery Live with Ben Owen,” said Ward.  “It was fascinating to see him in-studio at work making bowls and mugs, and explaining the design and glazing process.  The pottery being provided to those who contributed to the UNC-TV Spring Fundraiser was simply stunning.  Ben was making each gift by hand for those who contributed.”

NMG Digital Marketing Strategist Parker Adams was impressed by the overall experience in the studio.

“My favorite part was seeing it all come together,” he said.  “From the show being filmed live, to the phones ringing during commercial breaks, to the WRAL hosts reading their lines right in front of me.”

Big Supporters
NMG Account Executive Lisa Chappell had also volunteered for a CBC/WRAL Night at UNC-TV twice in the past.  She recruited her New Media colleagues to join her in the fun this year.

“UNC TV is actually one of my clients,” she explained.  “We do some marketing for them, so I’ve gotten to know many of their people, and they are such hard working and dedicated folks. On top of that, public television offers so many wonderful programs it’s incredible. UNC TV is a community treasure!”

Taylor Williams, Parker Adams & Ryan Hylton

NMG’s Taylor Williams, NMG’s Parker Adams (center) & NMG’s Ryan Hylton take pledges on the phone bank at CBC/WRAL Night at UNC-TV’s Spring Fundraiser on Monday, March 11 2019.

NMG Design Manager Dave Sweeney, although a first-timer, also wanted to contribute to the evening to support this important CBC client.

“With television-watching habits changing so quickly, the need for local public broadcasting is more important than ever,” he said.

Many CBC’ers have volunteered for CBC/WRAL Night at UNC-TV over the years, and word has spread about the fun everyone has during the event.

“I wanted to participate because I heard it was an AMAZING opportunity!” said NMG Digital Advertising Specialist Taylor Williams.  “It is always important to support something local and that was an important part of your childhood.”

She continued, “It was an amazing experience. It was really awesome to see everything live and volunteer something within our community.”

Adams volunteered for the night to learn.

“I wanted to participate to learn more about public television,” he said.  “It was very eye opening to see how many callers are so passionate about public television and are happy to donate what they can each year.”

Those callers were a highlight of the event for Cooper.

“My favorite part of the evening was interacting with the UNC-TV viewers,” she said.  “They are a passionate bunch and it was awesome to hear their stories and why they love and support UNC-TV.”

Sweeney and Williams agreed.

2019 CBC/WRAL Night at UNC-TV

CBC’ers enjoy a catered dinner while volunteering on the phone bank at CBC/WRAL Night at UNC-TV’s Spring Fundraiser on Monday, March 11, 2019.

“I enjoyed some of the banter with the callers,” Sweeney said.  “Many took a lot of pride is telling me how long they have been a donor.”

Williams said, “I think my favorite part was answering the phones. We were really busy and hearing our team talk and collect so many donations was really exciting.”

For the Love of Public TV
The CBC team who volunteered are supporters of public television.

“For me, this is part of supporting CBC’s role in the community and a great way to reconnect and meet CBC employees from other divisions,” Ward said.  “I bet I’ve been volunteering for almost 10 years and it’s one of my favorite community partnerships.”

Cooper agreed.

“I wanted to participate at first because of the team building aspect of the event,” said Cooper.  “Also, any time that I can get out and participate in a positive, community event, it is a great day. There is nothing like giving back and also feeling good knowing you have helped. Public television was a huge part of my childhood and I am now watching my 3-year-old niece enjoy their awesome kids programming, so I am a big supporter of public television.”

Ward’s love of public TV began early and continues today.

“I support Public Television because I grew up with it,” she said.  “I love the programming, especially Exploring North Carolina, NOVA and PBS aired documentaries.”

Chappell summed it up best when asked to share her favorite part of the evening, she responded, “The opportunity to hang out with so many fun coworkers, and to know that we are helping a very worthy cause.”

Thanks to UNC-TV for these capcom photos.


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